What’s in my Bag: Adventure Essentials

Every adventure photographer has (or should have) a ‘essentials’ list of things that he always takes on adventures.  So I thought I’d clue you in to what I always take when I go adventure.

1. My Camera

First and foremost, I always have my camera.  I shoot with a sony A7, a 70-200 F4, and a 28-70 F3.5-5.6.  As a photographer, I fell that every adventure has potential to get great shots.  I don’t usually go out for just the adventure or just the photos.  For me, adventures and photoshoots are one in the same.

2. My Backpack

I don’t use a fancy DSLR backpack.  Mostly because with those bags, your camera gear takes up most or all of the space.  I use padded inserts and then just toss it into a 30-50 liter pack depending on how much stuff I’m taking.  Your DSLR is tougher than might think it is, so don’t worry too much about it as long have you have some sort of case for it.

3. My Hammock

This is one of my favorite things to take.  Once I get to where I’m going, there’s nothing better than setting up my hammock and relaxing in the sun; plus they look cool in photos.  Nylon camping hammocks pack down really small, so they’re great on space.

4. Light-weight Jacket

I don’t always use my jacket, but I stuff it in the bottom of my pack just in case the weather gets a little rough.  It’s a pretty light-weight jacket, just for keeping me dry basically.  For ideas check out the Patagonia Torrentshell or Mountain Hardwear Micro-Ratio.

5. Water Bottle

This goes without saying, stay hydrated.  I never leave without a 32oz bottle.  Go bigger or smaller if you want, just make sure you’re drinking water especially if you hiking or being active.


That it!  That’s my ‘essentials’ list.  I usually take a few more specific things depending on the adventure of the day, but I always have these 5!  Comment and let me know what you take on your adventures.


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