Location Spotlight: Southern Utah

Being from southern Utah this is an exciting article for me to write.  I could go on and on of places to check out or adventure to have, but I’ll to keep this post concise.  Southern Utah is a very outdoor adventure oriented place, so without further or do here are my favorite adventure spots.

The Mighty 5

This is the most obvious one, because these 5 national parks are what Utah is known for.  These national parks are Zion, Arches, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, and Canyonlands.  The parks offer endless adventures, backpacking, and great photos.


Lakes, Waterfalls, and Hot Springs

Something I look for when I’m on a photography trip is water.  Waterfalls, lakes, rivers, etc. looks great in photos, as well as offering adventure.  Two popular lakes to check out here are Sand Hollow Reservoir and quail lake.  For a cool waterfall hike, head over to Knarraville Falls.  This hike up a slot canyon will take maybe 2 hours roundtrip, and offers beautiful scenery.  There are also some hot springs called ‘Meadow Hot Springs’ about an hour north of Cedar City.

Kanarraville Falls


Ghost Towns

While there are some ghost towns, what I actually mean is old abandoned ‘pioneer era’ houses.  If your willing to spend some time exploring, you can find these old abandoned buildings all over southern Utah (usually not in settlements).  These spots make great locations for photoshoots, and night shots.


Utah is full to the brim with adventures, many of them famous, and many you’ll have to go out and look for.  This is my simple list of places to check out if you’re here.  If you want to know more about southern Utah, let me know!


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