Tuesday’s Tips: Four Tricks to Supercharge Your Photos

I’m often reading different blogs and articles about photography and/or adventure and travel, and yesterday I came across a blog post from National Geographic’s Adventure Blog that I couldn’t resist sharing.  Tim Kemple Shared some tips on techniques that he uses to create amazing photos.  I’ll link NatGeo’s blog at the bottom of the page, but with without further or do, here are 4 tips from National Geographic to supercharge your photos.

“There are four techniques that I use on a regular basis to try and capture a memorable, creative frame that are equipment independent” -Tim Kemple

1. Use the foreground to draw the viewer’s eye into the picture.

I like to call it a third layer–with the subject and background being the other two. The foreground draws in the viewer, the subject captures their attention, and the background tells a story about the place. It’s a pretty reliable formula (if there is such a thing for photography) and can be used with any equipment.

2. Use light to focus the attention where you want.

Whether it’s in print or on the web, the human eye is drawn to the brightest part of the frame. So I use light (usually the sun) to focus the attention on the subject. See my previous blog about shooting “backlit” for more information.

3. Look for unique perspectives.

Nothing says fresh like a new perspective on the “seen before.” I look for fresh angles–from above, below, in the dark, in the rain and more every time I photograph.

4. Tell a story with your photograph.

It’s one thing to capture an image of a beautiful sunset, a portrait of a street vendor in India, or an action shot of an athlete mid-stride. But what story does that tell? How can the viewer relate? What does your photograph say about the people AND the environment?

To see the complete post go to:  http://adventureblog.nationalgeographic.com/2013/07/21/adventure-photography-tips-the-era-of-creative-storytelling-3-of-3/


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