Tuesday’s Tips: Better Adventures


Since this blog is just as much about the adventures as it is about the photography, this week’s Tuesday’s Tips is about how to maximize your adventure.  These are things that I do every time I travel, whether I’m backpacking in Europe, road-tripping to another state or simply going on a day trip to a national park.  Here are some great ways to help you have a better experience as well as getting you great photo opportunities.

1. Be open

Adven­ture travel is about pos­si­bil­ity, dis­cov­ery, and delight. The high­lights of an adven­ture are often unplanned and can only be dis­cov­ered by being open, smil­ing wide, and say­ing yes to oppor­tu­ni­ties, peo­ple, and places.  This past summer I spent two weeks in Ireland and Slovakia, and for the most part the only planned part of the trip was that I was going.  I took only a backpack with three changes of clothes (yes I had to find ways to wash) and booked accommodations day by day.  This packing and by the day style meant I could be spontaneous and take any opportunity that came up.  I never had to go back to my room to get anything.

2. Be brave

Believe in the kind­ness of strangers. Pro­ceed with opti­mism and con­fi­dence and you shall be rewarded handsomely.  I have found that almost all of the people that I interact with when I’m adventuring/traveling are friendly and willing to help. Just don’t go looking for people in dark alleys and you’ll be fine!

3. Be native

This one really creates a real-life experience, which is the point isn’t it?  I go on adventures to experience something, some place or someone new.  By being native and hanging out with locals, eating what they eat, wearing what they wear, and etc.,  you get to become part of their lifestyle and experience their culture.  Even if you’re going on a 2 day road trip to the next state, hanging out with local people is a great way to experience life that might differ from your own.

4. Always bring a camera

You never know what you might see or run into while you are on your journey.  My camera is always the first thing that I pack.  Sometimes you might not pull it out at all, and thats ok! But it’s good to be prepared incase you want it.


5. Take any opportunity

Don’t feel like if you can’t go on a trip to south america or somewhere big, that you can’t go on adventures.  For me, those big adventures happen once, may twice a year.  The rest of the year I take as many day trips, camping trips, road trips, etc. as I can.  The main thing is just to go and get outside.

go explore


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